Easy keyboards shortcut keys

Everyday we use a mouse for most of the activities to accomplish our task on the computer. Using a mouse is easy as you just need to point the cursor on the icon and click it or you can easily copy text from a notepad file.
But at times when you need to accomplish bigger tasks like selecting ten thousand words of text, it can be a tedious thing to do with the help of a mouse.

let us talk about some of the key shortucts that can make your life much easier whenever you are using the computer.

Some of the shortcut keys are as follows:

Ctrl + A:  You can select all of the text on the screen with this shortcut.

Ctrl + C: You can copy the selected text.

Ctrl + X: You can cut the selected text with this shortcut.

Ctrl + V: You can paste the text you copied.

Ctrl + Y: This is for undo the last performed task.

Ctrl + Z: This is for redo the last performed task.

Shift + Home: To select the text in a line backwords.


Hope these easy key shortcuts make your work life easier and give you more time to perform the other tasks.

Easy keyboards shortcut keys

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